Discover Gargano nature, art, history and culture

Nature is everywhere.
On one side you have the coast, with its breathtaking coves and sea caves, marvellous beaches and sea.
On the other side, there are the woods and forests of the Gargano National Park and the Foresta Umbra, which you can discover on horseback, on foot, or by bicycle. A few kilometres away from the town, by the Gulf of Manfredonia, there are the Salso Lake WWF Oasis and the reserve Palude di Frattarolo (Frattarolo Marsh), real natural paradises
Leaving Mattinata along the coast between Vieste and Peschici, you’ll see suspended, above the water, the trabucchi, ancient structures once used for fishing which today are seaside restaurants. The Tremiti Islands stand out in the horizon – 5 km² of marvels which offer unforgettable diving. From San Domino to San Nicola, and all the way to Pianosa, the islands are a marine nature reserve.
The Gargano and Mattinata are full of art ,history and traditions.
Gargano is not only sea but it is a land full of sacred devotion for Saint Padre Pio in San Giovanni Rotondo and Saint Michael on Monte Sant’Angelo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the mystical silence of the stones, the rural roads that cross these beautiful landscapes are just the place for you if you love trekking.
Luxuriant forests alternate with gardens and fruit trees , and the food has all the flavour of a genuine cuisine.
“Ciangularie ( local sweets )and orecchiette (pasta) are authentic specialities of the Gargano .

A few kilometres from Mattinata there are also the famous Castel del Monte , Trulli of Alberobello, Castellana Grotte and Fasano Zoo.